make me by britney spears

Single: “Make Me” by Britney Spears

I’m sure neither Britney Spears nor RCA wanted to release this music video on the date they announced but unfortunately, they have to push the date due to a┬ánumber of clips from the MV being leaked over the internet. I think they don’t have a choice now. As a result, RCA released the audio for “Make Me” on Thursday night to give fans something before the music video comes out.

“Make Me” was initially released on radio but soon after it became available on all the digital platforms. “Make Me” is now the official lead single from Britney’s forthcoming studio album. Earlier everyone thought it was ‘Pretty Girls’ but since the song failed to impress, RCA probably decided to push “Make Me” as a lead single. I think it’s a good move considering the kind of response Britney’s “Pretty Girls” received.

Although credits for this song are yet to be made public, there is news that DJ Burns produced this new steamy single. It’s mid-tempo and has an electro-jam feel to it. There is even a verse from our favorite rapper G-Easy in there to make proceedings a little interesting this time for the once pop Queen.

It seems as if this would be the last commercial lead single that Britney would do in her career. The good thing is that this single sounds a lot better than how “Pretty Girls” sounded. To be honest, the previous single was terrible. Now this one seems like the right song to leave commercial singing behind. She has already shown some improvements in this song, which means you can expect something special from her once she’s done with the commercial side of things. Now it’s time to listen to her latest single “Make Me”.

Listen to “Make Me” by Britney Spears

Post Author: David Watt