The Helmholtz Resonators Automaton

Watch The Helmholtz Resonators Automaton their Single Return

The Helmholtz Resonators have returned with their new single, Automaton, released 24th November 2014 via Genepool Records. Built from a Walkman, some “odds and sods” and more than a little ingenuity, the eccentric musician/scientists have procured a robot to help with their chores and provide entertainment during the long winter evenings.

The Helmholtz Resonators are a renegade group of psychedelic time travelling audio scientists who have been playing and writing music together since the turn of the century. They studied acoustic science and the work of Hermann Von Helmholtz, being particularly inspired by his book On the Wires of our Nerves, essential reading for anyone interested in the science of sound and sound synthesis. Heavily inspired by the ethos behind concept albums, the band have created a repertoire of songs that are as eccentric as their image, touching on influences as diverse as The Residents and The Kinks to LCD Soundsystem and Hieronymous Bosch.

The Helmholtz Resonators are keeping the official video for Automaton hidden up their sleeves at the moment, but you can watch the official audio video for the track on their YouTube channel or via the embed below.

Automaton is released 24th November via Genepool Records.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer