Watch Billie Eilish’s Music Video For, “When The Party’s Over”.

The American Singer and Songwriter, “Billie Eilish” shared a song titled, “When the party’s over” recently and y’all know we have been waiting for 10 long months for the studio release.

Now, after blessing the fans with the studio release, Billie has shared the official Music Video for the song. It was premiered publicly Via YouTube.

The video to When The Paty’s Over is halloween-themed, it is frightening. You will see the American Singer wearing white, with a blue wig, sitting on a chair, in a white room and a glass on a table in front of her. The glass contains some strange black liquid and to your surprise you will see her drinking it.

The drink makes the things spooky, and Billie turns into a monster-Billie. She starts to behave screwy and the liquid starts to pour out of her eyes and then in the end the liquid takes on the whole floor of the room.

Watch The Billie Eilish’s “WHen The Party’s Over”:

I kinda loved it but who wants to see our Billie like this? I just don’t know what I am feeling after watching the video.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer