Bill Ryder-Jones

Watch: Bill Ryder-Jones – ‘You’re Getting Like Your Sister’ video

Since leaving The Coral guitarist Bill Ryder-Jones is fashioning a pretty impressive career for himself as a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist.

This year he released his superb second album A Bad Wind Blows In My Heart as well as contributed to Arctic Monkeys’ AM.

Today he has revealed this brilliantly conceived animated promo video for album track ‘You’re Getting Like Your Sister’:

Talking about the video and the narrative of the song, Ryder-Jones said:

In the song the boy finally gets the girl he’s been obsessing about. He has a problem with his temper though and one day he loses it, murders her and ultimately gets away with the crime. Years later he meets her sister and they form a friendship through the trauma. The song hinges on the line ‘you’re getting like your sister’ that’s the point where hopefully you realise the extent of his illness. In his mind both sisters are the same and history repeats when he kills her too and buries them in the same spot.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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