Video Review: “Living Without You” by Tulisa is exciting as well as enticing

Tulisa has released video for “Living Without You”. This new video was dropped online on October 29 and has caught our attention immediately thanks to Tulisa’s enticing lips – she has probably used too much collagen.

Although “Living Without You” is somewhat bizarre, it is still an exciting video. The track is the first single from British singer’s upcoming second solo album. “Living Without You” will be released in the UK on December 7th. The album will be released to global audience next year.

Despite the fact that Tulisa has had major problems in her personal life, there is nothing stopping her from making good music. She released some really good songs back in 2012 and now “Living Without You” is going to be another hit.

This new glamorous video is directed by Life Garland. The video opens with Tulisa singing from the rooftop of a skyscraper where she is hugging a man and singing the opening verses of the song. As the song progresses, the dark opening scene changes to a rather bright and sexy clip where shirtless men accompany Tulisa in her mansion’s garden wearing enticing bathing suits.

Watch video for “Living Without You” below and let us know what you like about it in the comments.

Watch “Living Without You” by Tulisa – Official Video

Post Author: David Watt