This weeks single releases – 10 June

Single Reviews – 10 June

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Cheryl – ’Call My Name’

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The first single from her upcoming third album, ‘Call My Name’ has a lot of work to do after accusations of live miming and her, frankly, shocking performance at the Jubilee Concert. Produced by Calvin Harris, ‘Call My Name’ is set over a jaunty Caribbean style synth riff and it’s the production that shines on the record even if the work is typically Harris. The chorus is fun and holds the song together but the verses at their slower pace seem more forced and don’t quite fit with the song. Overall, a strong lead single from Cheryl but not as strong as her previous first cuts. And the sentiment of the song was better covered by Charlotte Church’s song of the same name.

Adam Lambert – ’Better Than I Know Myself’

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Starting off like an old synthesizer sounding like it needs to give up the ghost ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ quickly adapts into a slow, thudding ballad about personal issues. A runner up from American Idol, Adam Lambert sounds on top form on the track. The lyrics are certainly heartfelt and the ascending chorus sounds like the American cousin of Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘If You’re Not The One’. It’s not the world’s greatest ballad but it’s a powerful enough listen.

Amy MacDonald – ’Slow It Down’

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It’s been a while since the Scottish singer-songwriter attacked the charts but if this is an example of what she’s been working on it’s a Gaelic battle I’m looking forward to. Much speedier and energetic than her usual material, this is immediately catchy with a chorus that sells the record and a repetitive bridge that builds momentum for the song. Ironically, for a tune called ‘Slow It Down’ it’s anything but – with a drum line that is eccentric in its delivery, but I’m glad she keeps the tempo and pace. Distinctive enough from her previous material but retaining her signature sound, this is a fun song with many hooks. Welcome back, Amy.

Emeli Sandé – ’My Kind Of Love’

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The fourth single from Sandé’s debut album follows the excellent ‘Next To Me’ with a slower, but no less powerful, track. With a stripped-back piano and drum ballad it gives her voice the full chance to shine, but the added swelling choral sounds and strings help it build to a climax. A beautifully written, sung and produced track, it deserves to do well in the charts this week.

Sneakbo feat L. Marshall – ’Sing For Tomorrow’

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The opening lyrics might be taken from the rap book of cliché, but the message given is at least more refreshing than the usual explicit-filled material you’d expect. Over a more sombre backing than you’d expect from the track with a James Blunt-sounding chorus between the rapped verses, it’s actually a surprisingly well produced and touching track that is both good to listen to but with lyrics worth taking in. Like Eminem’s ‘When I’ve Gone’, it manages to balance attitude, musical appeal and thoughtfulness well.

Tiesto & Wolfgang Gartner feat. Luciana – ’We Own The Night’

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Dutch DJ producer Tiesto returns with this four minute mash-up of styles and vocals. In a club environment this will go down well thanks to its shifts in tempo and mix of styles, but as a record to listen to at home it’s just a little bit too bland and familiar with no distinct structure to the song or anything that grabs you as stand out. Nothing special.

Trey Songz – ‘Heart Attack’

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The lead single from his Chapter 5 album is very Usher in its delivery. Over a simple rnb drum beat with the occasional electronic synth beat it’s lyrically well written and when combined with the video brings it to life even more. With production and vocal trickery that represents the song title, it’s an enjoyable rnb ballad about relationships that will strike a chord for those that relate to it, but might seem a little stale for those who don’t.

Young Guns – ’Dearly Departed’

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The third single from their Bones‘Dearly Departed’ shows that the Young Guns are certainly talented but it’s a shame that the vocals get lost in the cacophony of guitars which give the song a muddy feel though the riff grows. The lyrics, for what you can hear, sound great and when mixed with a little bit of synth and chorus effects, add more to the song. Not bad for a third single.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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