Single Review: “Still Want You” by Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers would be annoyed with the internet. He didn’t plan to release it but still there are folks on the internet who do things that no one probably wants them to do. The track was released before Brandon could unveil it they way he probably thought about it.

Brandon Flowers has premiered video for his “Still Want You”. This track is a follow up of his early release “Can’t Deny My Love”, which has died for some reason despite being a track of exceptional quality. Nevertheless, Brandon Flowers has been really clever by planning release of his second track just when the first one died. This single is officially the second track from his upcoming album titled “The Desired Effect” – scheduled to release on May 18 this year.

“Still Want You” is a gospel-powered track. Brandon Flowers has been teasing its video for a few days now on his social media accounts. The video wasn’t to be released for another couple of days or probably for another week, judging from how Brandon was teasing with it expecting to build a momentum before he goes on to release it. Nevertheless, it was leaked online on 11 April and it has caused Brandon and his label to push the official VEVO release, bypassing their original release schedule.

The music video is directed by Warren Fu. Since the video was leaked, you can will also be listening to HQ audio for the first time. Drake had only released teasers earlier, none with HQ studio audio. Now we have both, audio and video in HQ. Watch the video below and let us know what you think about it.

Watch “Still Want You” by Brandon Flowers

Post Author: David Watt