Single Review: “Hey QT” by QT

Hey Qt is an outcome of collaboration between Sophie and Cook’s XL Recordings. It feels refreshing and focuses on music rather than overwhelming aesthetics. The sound track is a pure joy and offers juicy hooks.

Sophie and A.G cook have once again come up with their signature, pop and experimental music which is already appreciated by critics and fans alike. It’s a concoction of trance, electro, K-pop and has a futuristic approach that instantly appeals the listeners. You will get that feel when you listen to the “Hey QT”.

“QT” by Hey QT has some similarities with Ariana Grande’s hit single “Break Free” in relation to fizzy hooks and over caffeinated flirtations as shown in its video. The lyrics are strong and mesmerizing, as it is the trademark of cook’s pop song writing. After I heard the track, it just stuck in my head. Listen to this mesmerizing single and you won’t be able to resist the beats. To put it in simple words, “Hey QT” by QT is a charismatic and lovable track that will keep DJs busy all the night.  The song is destined for a top chart position but it still needs time and radio airtime to become a favorite.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz