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Single Review: “Fly” by Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne has released a new song titled “Fly”. You can listen it in full after the jump.

“Fly” is a mid-tempo track with plenty of inspiring lyrics. The track will be the official anthem of 2015 Special Olympics World Games. These special Olympics will be held during this summer in Los Angeles.

All the proceeds from the track will be donated to The Avril Foundation, which supports unprivileged children, especially those suffering from serious disease and disabilities. Once you listen to the track, you will definitely want to contribute.

“Fly” isn’t exactly a modern pop song. Avril originally wanted to do a pop production but she quit her idea when she started with the track. The idea was to let the lyrics shine and the best way to make that happen for Avril was to bring in orchestra and piano. The result is a high energy inspirational anthem that sounds just perfect for the big occasion that it’s going to fuel, 2015 Special Olympics World Games.

Listening to Avril’s “Fly” would make you want to fly. The track has such an energy and feeling of true inspiration that you would definitely want to pursue your dreams without ever giving up on them despite the odds. Avril has once again showcased her songwriting skills, reminding everyone how good she is at that. She also proves the point that she is capable of a lot more than the regular ‘girlfriend’ stuff. She can hit the high notes and she can do it really well.

Listen “Fly” by Avril Lavigne

Post Author: David Watt