Single Review: “Far From Heaven” by JoJo

“Far From Heaven” by JoJo surfaced online last week and it has been creating a lot of buzz ever since. The track is so powerful that it is going to make you want to go back to the Church, ask Lord for forgiveness and be Lord’s loyal servant for rest of your life. Do you really think a song can have that kind of convincing power? Let’s find out.

“Far From Heaven” is an emotional song and a powerful anthem. The track is one of the finest examples of the talent that we have at our hands. JoJo has given this track everything, making sure that her raw vocals sit perfectly and showcase her singing talent. To be honest, she has done that successfully as anyone who listens to this track would instantly know that JoJo is super talent.

“Far From Heaven” will be included in JoJo’s upcoming third studio album which will hit the stores sometimes by the end of this year. The reason this album is delayed is JoJo’s horrible contract with her label, Blackground Records. The deal prohibits JoJo from releasing a full album. Fortunately for JoJo, this deal is going to end this year which is why JoJo is planning to release her album late this year. The talented “Leave (Get Out)” singer is a living example of how record labels can make life miserable for artists if they don’t generate enough revenue to meet the projected sales – something that is regularly criticized these days by artists and independent musicians.


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz