Single Review: “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy + Hyperlapse Video

Fall Out Boy is an Illinois based pop-punk band who has just released their new single titled ‘Centuries’. This track is a preview of band’s forthcoming sixth studio album. The album is still to be titled. You can watch the video for ‘Centuries’ below.

Fall Out Boy has talked about this anthemic song recently saying that they had a calling for such a track when they were on their tour. The band drew their inspiration from what they explored when traveling around the world, going from small clubs in Australia to mega music festivals in UK. They felt that they have to respond.

The track ‘Centuries’ puts piercing vocals of Patrick Stump with snarled guitars and rocking percussion. The dramatic piano makes it a sure hit. The song mostly talks about how artists feel before they jump on stage, sweating and thinking that the only way for the world to listen to them is to scream loud.

The track uses a similar vocal hook that you heard in Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”. When asked about borrowing this hook from Vega, the band said that they wanted to re-inject it into pop culture. Now only audiences can tell if Fall Out Boy has succeeded to re-inject vibe from 1987 in pop culture. Listen to ‘Centuries’ and let us know in comments.

Watch “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy on YouTube (Hyperlapse edition)

Post Author: David Watt