Rihanna Releases Single “Sledgehammer” [OST Star Trek Beyond]

This is big news for Rihanna and Star Trek fans. Rihanna has released a new single for the upcoming motion picture “Star Trek Beyond”. ┬áThe film is directed by Justin Lin who is already known for directing Fast and Furious.

This new single is titled “Sledgehammer”.

The music video for Sledgehammer is actually a film trailer. You will see different shots from the movie while Rihanna sings loudly in the background. Music is really good and it looks as if we are going to have this music when the movie would reach its climax. However, the full song will be played during ending titles.

Although it’s not confirmed, but the rumor is out that Sia wrote this new Rihana song. We know she always writes hit songs and that’s why fans are over excited about this ballad. And they will get a good treat this time as Rihanna has improved her vocals by miles. When you listen to this song, you’re going to talk about how perfect were Rihanna’s vocals. Listen to the song below.

Watch “Sledgehammer” by Rihanna

Post Author: David Watt