Reading and Leeds festival

Reading and Leeds Festival weather forecast is looking pretty good!

After the line-up information and stage times, the most important aspect of a UK music festival is the weather forecast. If you’re heading to either Reading or Leeds Festival this weekend, then you’ll be pleased to know that the weather should be pretty decent – as you know you can never trust any weather forecast in the UK, but try and be optimistic and look forward to a very good weekend with just a few light showers!

The latest weather forecast for both the Reading and Leeds sites is below.

Reading Festival 2013 weather forecast

This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

Thursday 22 August: Light rain is forecast all night and into the early morning, so if you’re arriving at the festival tomorrow expect it to be wet. It should dry up throughout the morning, but then more light rain and showers are expected throughout the afternoon. Evening looks nice though, and it will be quite warm (around 20C) so no real dramas.

Friday 23 August: The festival should kick off on Friday under glorious sunshine, which will then cloud over as the day goes on. Doesn’t look like there will be any rain though so a decent day all round. Could get nice and warm as well (max. 26C)

Saturday 24 August: Because of the humidity on Friday, thunderstorms are predicted for Saturday morning – which will be fun! Sunshine and heavy showers are expected throughout the day with the temperature hovering around the 20C mark.

Sunday 25 August: Looks like a general English summer day really, bit of sun, bit of cloud, the threat of rain in the air but nothing to worry about. Should be pleasant enough.

Leeds Festival 2013 weather forecast

This weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

Thursday 22 August: There’s a bit of rain forecast for the afternoon – around 4-ish – but other than that Thursday is expected to just be cloudy/overcast. Maximum temperature of 21C.

Friday 23 August: Similar to Thursday in that it will be predominantly cloudy, but some sunshine is expected to burn through and show its face! A bit of light rain is expected as the night wears on though, so you may want to consider taking a your sensible jacket when you go see the headliners.

Saturday 24 August: Light rain throughout the night and into the morning will make for a soggy and miserable start to the day on Saturday. Should brighten up in the afternoon, and other than a heavy shower later on in the day you should have a nice clear evening.

Sunday 25 August: Cloudy all morning, brightening up a bit in the afternoon. There’s nothing more to say about Sunday really. Oh, it might get a bit windy late on in the afternoon so errrm, look out for that!

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