Single Review: “Touch And Go” by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has released a new track titled “Touch and Go”. This track came with the re-issue edition of his hit studio album “X” and it’s the only new track included in this album. The album “X” is now titled “X: Wembley Edition” and it’s released via Atlantic Records. The album hit the stores on November 13th. It seems as if Ed’s label is trying to cash on the holiday season, hoping to generate a lot more sales from the ginger-haired singer-songwriter’s best performing album so far. The album has already generated a lot of revenue last year.

There are other new tracks in the album as well but they are either already leaked or Ed Sheeran has performed them live. So even if Ed or his label claims them as ‘new’ songs, I won’t be taking that seriously at all.

“Touch and Go” is an acoustic ballad. The only instrument you could hear in this track is a guitar that Ed really enjoys playing. The track is about living after a heartbreak. Ed tells us that it is impossible for him to live without his girl and that’s what’s making her life difficult. To be honest, it is probably the simplest song I’ve heard in a long while and it still sounds so good. It has all the ingredients of becoming a super hit.

Listen to “Touch and Go” by Ed Sheeran

Post Author: David Watt