Official Music Video Review: “Let You” By Cheryl

The last 2 weeks have been all around pop queens, and trust me none of them let us down. After Katy Perry, Bebe Rexha, Charlie XCX, Camilla Cabello & Rita Ora, here is another Banger from Cheryl Ann Tweedy.

The 35 year old returned with “Let You”, and it does sound like a big hit. The song is produced by Mark Spencer, and it is a sweet combination of Electro and Pop.

The video features Cheryl herself, where she is breaking the floor with her astonishing dance moves. This song is probably a message to one of her exes, as she sings “(I) let you put your hands on my body, every time. I gave you what you wanted, but when am I gonna get mine?”. And then she breaks the shackles in the chorus “You only got like this ‘cause I let you”.

She explained the reason behind this song saying “I’ve made mistakes in relationships. I’ve been with men who were controlling who made me unhappy, but I allowed it to happen. This is what this song is about. You have to recognize it, and you have to try to not let that happen again”.

Watch the slickly choreographed video below.

Watch “Let You” Official Music Video By Cheryl

Post Author: David Watt