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Oasis albums will soon be available on Spotify

Despite the growing popularity and influence of Spotify on the music industry, there are still a few bands holding out on the music streaming service. Slowly but surely though, the ‘hold-outs’ are coming to an end. Most recently Pink Floyd ‘unlocked’ their entire back catalogue on Spotify once their track ‘Wish You Were Here’ had 1 million streams – before that legendary bands like The Eagles and Metallica gave up resisting and joined the Spotify bandwagon.

Now it looks like Oasis will be the latest seminal band to stream their music on Spotify, as their record label director John Leahy has revealed. Talking to Music Week, Leahy said:

It is the case that historically the Oasis catalogue isn’t on Spotify in the UK, but we’re talking to Spotify at the moment to address that – and it will be addressed very soon. It’s purely a matter of timing. If you’re working with artists in any part of the industry, you have to engage with fans in the way they want you to.

It’s tempting to view this news as maybe the first move by Oasis to build up interest in their probable reunion – but that’s just pure speculation!

Post Author: Luke Glassford

Post written by Luke Glassford - founder, editor, writer and everything else at All-Noise.