Niyakee Heaton Previews “Lullaby” on Instagram

Niyakee Heaton is the queen of Instagram in her own way. She continues posting pictures that gather massive audience and generate a lot of social engagement. Her recent internet-breaking nude swim was an example of how popular one can get on Instagram. She also posted her naked house party on Instagram to give everyone surprise of a lifetime. But that’s not it about Instagram. Niyakee also uses her Instagram account to push her music and this time she has given us “Lullaby”. As it looks from the preview available on Instagram, this track is gorgeous.

The Chicago-born diva has really made Instagram hers. As the 20-year old previewed a teaser of her latest single, a lot of her fans responded. Happily, they all responded positively, loving her song as much as they love her strikingly sexy photography.

The track seems to have a nice melody and it looks as if it picks up where her previous track “Infinity” left. Chances are good that it will get decent radio time and become an instant hit among Niyakee’s fans. Listen to this soothing and powerful track on Instagram and leave your comments about this new single in the comments section. Let’s get the discussion rolling before Niyakee gives us the full version.

Post Author: David Watt