Music Video: “The Middle” by Zedd & Maren Morris

Zedd and Maren Morris have premiered the official ‘vertical’ music video for their latest collaboration “The Middle”. The track seems to be enjoying a lot of fan-love and it totally deserved the visual treatment. It was kind of obvious but we had no idea what Zedd was going to do it with. It turned out to be a surprise as no one expected a ‘vertical’ music video coming out so long after the original music video. The proper music video for “The Middle” came out during the last week of Jan, 2018.

The new vertical visual came out just a few moments ago on VEVO. The music video is a simple affair that’s perfectly suitable for mobile devices. Earlier, Camila Cabello gave us a vertical music video and we saw the Demi Lovato doing the same. Now it’s Zedd’s time to experiment with the vertical music video. I feel like this is going to be thing in the future. We will see artists giving us a vertical video first and then following it up with a regular music video, that is only if they see it any beneficial as most people watch videos on their mobile devices these days.

In the music video, you will Zedd and Grey acting as DJs (that’s what they do in their real life as well so no surprises there). You will listen to them singing their song. The entire scene is high energy affair and you know that Maren and Zedd are totally loving shooting this new-kind of a music video. Watch the video below.

Watch “The Middle” Vertical Music Video for Phone by Zedd & Maren Morris

Post Author: David Watt