Watch “The Middle” Music Video by Zedd featuring Maren Morris

Zedd has premiered the official music video for “The Middle”, which is the new single by the German singer and needed a single badly. The good news is that Target paid for the video and now it’s here. It’s directed by Dave Meyers. Zedd premiered the music video at Grammys.

If you are wondering why Target would sponsor a Zedd MV, it’s the new trend. Earlier the company sponsored “Make Me Like You” MV for Gwen Stefani. I’m sure that video received some good response so the company decided to go on with their plan and do another MV. This time they selected the German DJ. The music video features Maren Morris, who is now a pop singer (earlier a country singer).

In the music video, you will see Maren Morris performing along with other dancers on stage. The choreography is just amazing. It’s high-energy and gives you chills. You will see Zedd on the DJ platform during the video.It’s a good video with a solid performance from Meren. The effects and the lights – everything is perfect. I’m sure it will go down as a big hit for the German DJ.

While talking to his fans about this latest music video, Zedd told them about his excitement to work with Dave Meyers, which is the first time he’s got that opportunity. “This was definitely the most people I’ve ever had in one music video”, told Zedd to his fans through his social media message. Watch the music video below.

Watch “The Middle” by Zedd – Official MV featuring Meren Morris

This was kind of entertaining. My favorite part was Maren’s looking fierce and feeling fabulous. But I would have preferred a real music video to be honest.

Post Author: David Watt