The Strokes

Looks like there’s a new Strokes album on the way…

There’s been a lot of talk today about a new Strokes album being on the horizon, and it looks like there may be some substance to the rumours.

Seattle radio station ‘107.7 The End ‘ started the rumours earlier by saying on their Facebook page that they’d just had the first listen to a new Strokes track called ‘All The Time’. Here’s what they said:

Previewing brand new Strokes “All the Time” thanks to RCA Records. We’ll have to “leak” this soon. You won’t be disappointed… -mike

Naturally, that provoked a veritable social media shitstorm – which has led the station to reveal a bit more about what they know, lest they be accused of being dirty rotten liars. So here’s everything they know about a new Strokes album (as posted on their site):

While RCA is keeping most of the details of the forthcoming new full length album (yes, you read that correctly) under wraps, we can tell you that of the two songs we heard, one was a more synth driven track, with the other (the aforementioned, “All The Time”) packing a classic Strokes sound. No mention of a tour came up, but we can tell you, you’ll be hearing new music from the band sooner than later, with the new album to be released later this year.

There’s still no word from the band themselves on all this, but as reported last year The Strokes were rumoured to be working on a new album – so it could all be true. What do you think?

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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