New Song Review: “Where Am I At,” By MAX

MAX recently dropped a new anthem titled “Where Am I At.” This new anthem brings more happy news with it as we now know that MAX next LP is titled Colour Vision and it will drop on 22nd May this year. This LP will include this anthem along with other tracks. So considering all that, “Where Am I At” is big for MAX.

The NYC-based singer talks about a relationship and what happens when it ends. He focuses on how to handle the situation after the relationship is over. It’s a difficult time for all of us and we all need help. This is exactly why MAX released this anthem. It helps you get over that phase.

The 27-year-old American sings “Felt this rush, yeah, it lingers and I can’t ignore it.” As the track progresses towards the chorus, it becomes more intense. “Where am I at these days, now that you’re gone? Where am I at these days, when you don’t come home?” the chorus brings in all the emotions as the singer delivers the lyrics. Without a doubt, it’s going to be one of the best songs we have heard from the 27-year-old NYC singer. Listen to the single below.

Listen To “Where Am I At?” By MAX

Post Author: David Watt