Song Review: “Bad Girlfriend” By Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt has shifted her focus on acting recently despite landing a certified gold banger back 2006. It was titled “History” and it received some 200 million streams. Now that’s massive and everyone expected Olivia to give us many more songs like that. That never happened as she kept a low profile during the last few years despite giving us a few singles during that time.

Now she is back, musically speaking, with a new song titled “Bad Girlfriend.” It’s a catchy bop and it has a huge potential to become another massive hit and the reason to focus on music again for Olivia Holt.

The song is about a bad girlfriend who tries everything but since she’s not a relationship-type person, nothing works out. “I think I took you home too many nights,” she tries to find the reason it didn’t work in the opening verse. “I’m a bad girlfriend… but i’d try anything for you,” concludes the 22-year-old singer on the chorus. The track is written by Olivia and Carolina Ailin. Give it a listen below and you’d enjoy her comeback and wish she does more music.

Listen To “Bad Girlfriend” By Olivia Holt

Post Author: David Watt