New Single Review: “Ready For It” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has released a new song titled “Ready For It”. This new single premiered on the US radios and Taylor released it on digital platforms today. So you can expect to hear this everywhere now.

With Taylor Swift getting some unbelievable results from her latest music video that she premiered after the VMAs, I’m sure everyone is desperate to listen to this new song. The good news is that you can listen to the full audio after the review, at the end of this post.

This song is from Taylor’s upcoming album titled “Reputation”. Taylor is already promoting this album by including it on the commercials everywhere on ABC, ESPN and other channels. If you are wondering how she is promoting her album on a sports channel (ESPN), you have to watch the football game tonight between Alabama and Florida. You will know what I mean.

This new song is perfect for sports. In this song, Taylor sings about being ready for the game. She wants the game to begin. Although she is talking about a different game in between the lines, ESPN has been using these lyrics to literally mean ‘game’.

The chorus of this new song is amazing. It’s what makes it catchy and infectious. When you listen to this song below, I’m sure you are going to put it on replay and enjoy it for hours to come. It’s that good. I’m sure Taylor will get a lot of publicity with this song and it will enter top charts soon. Listen to it below.

Listen to “Ready For It” by Taylor Swift



Post Author: David Watt