Single Review: “Nirvana” by INNA + Watch Official Music Video

INNA is a Romanian pop star who released a new single today. The single is titled “Nirvana” and it’s a surefire hit.

This new single “Nirvana” is the third single from INNA’s fifth album. The album will come out during the second week of December, this year.

Not holding back, INNA has treated her fans with a music video as well. She premiered the video on YouTube as she released the single on digital platforms. Although it’s a good song, INNA didn’t put a lot of heart or money in the music video. It’s evident since the video is a simple low-budget MV. Nevertheless, you are still going to enjoy watching this video as INNA has delivered many beautiful shots with her dancing and having some great time.

Even though it’s not a perfect music video, it serves its purpose. It’s relatable and supports the song. I’m sure it will help people fall in love with the song quickly.

You can listen to this good-feel song below and enjoy¬†the sexy visuals. Don’t be disappointed to see INNA gaining some weight. Her body still looks great but it’s nowhere close to what it used to be during “Hot” and “Cola Song” days. Watch the visuals below.

Watch “Nirvana” by INNA – Official Music Video

Post Author: Harvey Dyer