New Single Review: “Mutual” By Jacob Latimore

Jacob Latimore released a brand new countdown single “Mutual” from his upcoming debut album “Connection” on November 28th, 2016. His album will be hitting the stores in December 2016 via FTE / EMPIRE Records.

Jacob Latimore made his first impression in the music industry as a pop artist. But, he has tried something different this time. It’s an R&B and urban mix he has brought into the market. If we see it critic-wise, R&B seems to be his genre, not the pop. Pop is more of an imposition by the previous label Jacob was working for.

His vocals are just perfect and flawless for the R&B music. The song is all about his feelings for the girl he recently broke up with. There’s still something between the two which isn’t letting them stay away. It seems to be the jealousy, maybe he doesn’t want his girl to be with someone else. Cute!

I don’t wanna think about another nigga loving you / and you don’t wanna think about another b**ch f**king me” sings the handsome pop singer in the chorus. Let’s see what else is coming out in his debut studio album. He must try other genres to explore his potential. He’s got some strong vocals!

Listen: “Mutual” By Jacob Latimore

Post Author: David Watt