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Single Review “Magnetic Moon” By Tiffany Young + Music Video

Tiffany Young dropped a new single titled “Magnetic Moon” today and also shared a perfect music video for the track. She recently released her debut English album and now she’s already back with another new single. She’s definitely a busy woman.

This new dreamy anthem has a flawless music video. In the visual, you will see Tiffany serving different looks and looking simply amazing. The choreography is also fabulous. You will also see the acrobatic display as she uses a swing to glide across.

The track “Magnetic Moon” is produced by Fernando Garibay who also produced “Born Again” for the same artist. He has also worked with other top artists including Lady Gaga and Britney Spears. If “Magnetic Moon” turns out to be a hit, it could launch Tiffany as the biggest K-Pop superstar to succeed in English-language music. Listen to her new single below and watch the music video.

Watch Music Video “Magnetic Moon” By Tiffany Young

Post Author: David Watt