Single Review: “I’m Better” by Missy Elliot (Music Video Included)

Missy Elliot has made yet another comeback. I’m sure it doesn’t sound as a surprise to anyone as you must have witnessed a thousand comebacks from the rapper. This time, she is back after a hiatus of two years and the song that she released is titled “I’m Better”. It’s a collaboration with MC Lamb.

The song came out on digital platforms today. As the audio made its way to streaming networks, Missy followed it up by giving us a music video immediately. It was hardly a few minutes after the audio that we were served with the MV.

Although many of Missy’s fans have given up hope for singer’s seventh studio album, but this song brings the hope back. It seems as if Missy’s fans will finally get an album in 2017. But would it bring Missy back to the frontline? Maybe listening to this song would give you some idea about what the rapper has to offer to her fans this year.

Unfortunately, when you listen to this song, you don’t expect Missy to make a comeback to the Top 40 charts. The song is total crap that will disappoint event the biggest fan of Missy. However, the music video will make you hook your eyes to the screen for a while. You will see many bizarre concepts, choreography, and wardrobe in the video. It’s filled with color and life.

Watch MV and listen to “I’m Better” by Missy Elliot

Post Author: David Watt