Single Review: “El Prestamo” by Maluma

“El Prestamo” is Maluma’s new single (meaning ‘the loan’) and gladly, Maluma has already released the official music video for it. It feels like a blessing to have a new single so early and that too with the video treatment. Jessy Terrero directed the music video for Colombian singer’s new single. You can watch the video and listen to “El Prestamo” below after the quick review.

The single “El Prestamo” is accompanied by a wonderful visual. In the music video, you will see Maluma delivering ultimate looks. It’s really great to see this guy on screen. He totally dominates the scene and you forget what’s going on in the video. But anyway, the video is about a bank robbery. The video ends in a way that you don’t know how the robbery finally ends and whether it was a success or a bust. The police is there but the video never shows Maluma being arrested or taken down. It means that Maluma will continue the next video for his next single from where he left this video because that’s what he did with this video as well. It started from where his last video ended. I’m really excited and want to see what’s next. It seems like a really good strategy from Maluma, especially considering the fact that his videos are pretty intense in terms of suspense.

The single “El Prestamo” is a kind of a laidback song. It’s got a reggaeton soul but it also has touches of salsa here and there. So are we finally seeing Maluma crossing into other genres now? Yes, and that’s a good news. It means we will have a lot of fresher material from Maluma this year. Those who are kind of tired of hearing the same reggaeton sounds from Maluma, it’s time you get some exciting sounds. Give this new single a try and you will know what I mean by ‘exciting sounds’. Watch the music video below.

Watch “El Prestamo” Music Video by Maluma

Post Author: David Watt