Zara Larsson Ain't My Fault

New Music Video: Zara Larsson “Ain’t My Fault”

Zara Larsson, a Swedish singer released her new music video “Ain’t My Fault” through VEVO on September 30, 2016.

The mix of urban/pop, “Ain’t My Fault” is about stealing someone else’s boyfriend; telling the other girls that it’s not her fault that boys get attracted towards her.

“Ain’t My Fault” is a part of Ms. Larsson’s forthcoming album that is due to be released later this year.

Emil Nava’s direction shows Zara along with her girlfriends is performing bold choreographies. The video begins with Zara dancing in a mansion; clapping through the facility’s rooms with her girlfriends.

In other shots, you will see Zara rhyming the lyrics while standing next to guys that are hanging from the ceiling; tease them in a torturing manner and move forward.

The blue eye shades and blonde hair is a deadly combo that will make anyone fall in love with this hot vocalist. She looked stunning in white T’s dancing in the corridor. Such sexy moves!

The music also deserves appreciation because the combination of Zara’s voice and upbeat is amazing.

It’s been a day since “Ain’t My Fault” has been released on VEVO, and the track has over 3 million views. Still, a long way to go for Ms. Larsson!

Watch: “Ain’t My Fault” Zara Larsson

Post Author: David Watt