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Music Video: Watch “Little Bubbles” by Dirty Projectors

Dirty Projectors released their new song titled “Little Bubbles” last week and gave a music video with it as well. It’s an exciting project that gives us a glimpse of super talent.

The music video for the song “Little Bubbles” is directed by David Longstreth. Adam Newport Berra also contributed to this project as he did some directional work on the video.

The music video features Longstreth and shows us picturesque locations throughout the video. The song, however, is about ancient themes. It talks about being dead and seeing the world from the astral body experience.

Although Longstreth has been away from the music scene for a few years, he is now making it back with Dirty Projectors. “Little Bubbles” is a solid song that has the potential to become a hit. Listen to it below and be sure to leave a comment about Dirty Projectors music.

Listen to “Little Bubbles” by Dirty Projectors

Post Author: David Watt