Music Video: “Stand Still” by Zyan Malik

Zayn Malik has released a new music video and it’s not what you expected. “Stand Still” is exactly what it’s name suggests. Zayn is in a ‘stand still’ and we know the moment we watch this music video.

Probably Zayn is lazy or maybe he’s planning another career and doesn’t really care about his music fans anymore.

The official music video for ‘Stand Still’ song came out a couple of days back and believe it or not, everyone was anticipating the ‘best-ever’ MV for it. After all, it’s the best song from his last album. But it’s just some footage Zayn got his hands on and then used it over and over again until it felt like ‘pain’ and nothing more.

Watch Music Video “Stand Still” by Zayn

Post Author: David Watt