New Music Video: “Sorry” by Beyonce – It’s Finally Here!


Beyonce, the queen of R&B, has finally considered millions of fans who have already seen her “Sorry” music video. As a result of this consideration, she’s decided to officially release the music video. The good news is that you can now watch it legally on VEVO. So it’s late but still Beyonce has blessed us with these new visuals.

When Beyonce eventually decided to release “Sorry” music video to the world, the internet couldn’t hold on to the traffic. With nearly 5 million views within few hours of release, social media was flooding with Beyonce fans from all over the world. The single “Sorry” is taken from Beyonce’s latest album Lemonade.

The video, directed by Khalil Joseph, has Beyonce dressed as an African woman. She’s looking cool with all those braids and African jewelry. There is one more surprise for you in the video. It’s kind of a spoiler but I will let you know. It’s Serena Williams that you see in the video with Beyonce. Yes, it’s her, the Tennis queen. Both are looking gorgeous. The video is great. To be honest, there is everything that you’d expect from a Beyonce video. And since it’s now available on VIVO, you don’t have to buy her latest LP to watch her twerking alongside Serena Williams – A treat you don’t want to miss. So scroll below and click Play to watch “Sorry” music video.

Watch “Sorry” Music Video by Beyonce

Post Author: David Watt