Music Video: “Prolly” by Sevyn Streeter

Sevyn Streeter has released music video for the new single “Prolly”. The song is an R&B urban track where Sevyn talks about getting high at the night. She wants to see how drunk she can get. While doing so, she doesn’t have to think about her money or being the reason for a fight. She just needs to keep drinking.

The music video for “Prolly” came out on August 15 on YouTube. Sevyn seems to enjoy her song as she released the video after just three days of releasing the single. The Gucci-assisted single is now available on all the digital platforms and you can stream the music video on YouTube. You can also see the music video at the end of this review.

The music video is for “Prolly” shows post-apocalyptic scenes where you will Sevyn leading a rebel group into a battlefield. There you will see camouflaged tunnels covered with netting. You will see Sevyn Streeter going through these tunnels with Gucci Mane. When you see the music video, you will probably think that Sevyn is responsible for the fight that has brought the world to this end. I’m not sure if that’s what Sevyn is trying to say in the music video so you are at your own to figure this out.

This new song “Prolly” is the official lead single from Sevyn’s upcoming debut album. This album will be called “Girl Interrupted” but it’s not confirmed by the singer or her label as of yet. You can expect to have this album in the market by the early 2017. Time to watch the video and listen to this new song.

Watch Music Video “Prolly” by Sevyn Streeter

Post Author: David Watt