Music Video “Priest” By Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels is working hard to make her Inner Monologue Part 2 visually amazing and despite some hiccups early on, she is now putting it all together nicely. Now we have the official music video for “Priest.”

The song “Priest” is a bitting number where Julia sings about someone who broke her heart and now wants an apology. She isn’t ready to forgive and redeem her at all. “You broke my heart and now you want some redemption” sings the songwriter/singer. She then tells him her answer and it’s not merciful as she knows he hasn’t learned the lesson. She knows he wants redemption so that he can go to heaven.

She knows that’s this all about. It’s about washing your sin, not to help the other person but to help yourself – to go to heaven. Now that kind of redemption is the domain of a priest and that’s exactly what Julia is saying to him “But I’m not a priest.” It’s a good song with an equally powerful music video. Watch the “Priest” music video below.

Watch New Music Video “Priest” By Julia Michaels

Post Author: David Watt