Music Video: “I Want It All” by Bonnie McKee

Bonnie McKee premiered official music video for her hit single “I Want It All”. Although it seems a great choice to pick a rock-centric single for the video, the hit-maker would have been much better with the recently released remixed version of the same single. She has already written massive hits such as “Teenage Dreams” and no one is doubting her talent anymore.

The song “I Want It All” is that kind of a song that you’d happily put on repeat for the entire day. It’s that good to be honest, especially the overhauled club version.

The music video for “I Want It All” reminds us of 80s. It looks as if Bonnie is still caught up in the 80s nostalgia and she’s makes it apparent through this new music video. The video is a trip down the memory lane of that decade. Although not a huge project, this music video tells us one thing for sure that Bonnie is back in the studio. There is every chance that we will get to hear a lot of new music from her in the coming months. Keep your fingers crossed. We will post as soon as we have any new singles from this hit-maker. For now, watch the video below and enjoy your journey to the 80s decade. I’m sure you’ll like it since Bonnie McKee herself is down there to accompany you.

Watch Official Music Video “I Want It All” by Bonnie McKee

Post Author: David Watt