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Music Video: “Barcodes” by CupcakKe

CupcakKe, the breakout rapper, is quickly coming into the limelight with her recent effort to convert Queen Elizabitch into a visual album. I think she will be a mainstream artist within no time. After all, she has everything that could turn her into a hit. She has featured in songs and she has a solid presence on social media. Now the only thing she needs to do is to give us some high-quality music. That’s exactly what she is doing now.

CukcakKe recently premiered her new music video titled “Barcodes”. This ain’t a regular music video with sexy girls. In fact, it’s much more than you could anticipate. It advises you on money matters and teaches you how to stay financially secure in these tough times.

This new music video “Barcodes” is the sixth music video to come out from CupcakKe’s forthcoming album. Without a doubt, it’s her best visual to date. Here in this music video, you see the true star power of CupcakKe. The 20-year old has some outrageous lyrics for this song, continuing on her tradition, but the music video is rather subdued. It’s time you give this new song a listen and watch the music video below.

Watch New Music Video by CupcakKe “Barcodes”

Post Author: David Watt