Music: “Activated” by Cher Lloyd – Full Audio Inside

Cher Lloyd has dropped a new single titled “Activated”. The 22-year old British singer was earlier dropped by Syco and then by Epic due to poor sales. She even tried making a comeback but it didn’t work back then. Now she is back with a new single and everyone is expected her to pull things up now. She is now releasing her music under the banner of Vixen Records.

This new single “Activated” is released as a lead single from her upcoming album titled “Project”. This will be her third full-length album. The single was premiered globally, which means Cher has some big plans for her upcoming ‘project’. This new album will be available in stores at the end of 2016.

The song “Activated” is a decent song but it definitely isn’t as good as to become a lead single for an album. It could be a buzz single but nothing more than that. If this is what Cher has planned as her comeback single, it won’t work. This isn’t lead single material at all. It won’t get played on Top 40 radios and probably it won’t attract any big labels.

I’m sure Cher has better singles planned for her album. If that’s the case, she should release some more songs and let fans know that has some good material in there. If this is really the best she can do, I’m afraid it will be difficult for her to return to the top league.

Listen to “Activated” by Cher Lloyd

Post Author: David Watt