Music Video Review: “No Party” By social media Celeb Daniel Syke

Social media star Daniel Syke has premiered a brand new music video for “No Party” on November 25th, 2016.  The 16-year-old singer got fame mostly from YouTube covers and currently working with RCA Records.

A follow-up to “Good As It Gets”, “No Party”, a mid-tempo ballad is going to be a part of his upcoming full studio album. His last music video for “Good As It Gets” became so popular on YouTube; getting over 2 million views so far.

The music video produced by Dallas Koehlke shows Daniel Syke in an apartment equipped with the party lights. We don’t see anyone else than Daniel singing the song and wishing to be with her girl otherwise this party is a “No Party.”

Though, in a few shots you will see a hot and beautiful girl in different outfits. She’s the one Daniel is so obsessed with and wants her to be around. He doesn’t want to hang out with the other girls who are preying on him in the party. But, the party set you decorated only have lights. It’s a “No Party” already as there are no “real” people in it.

Apart from the music video, Daniel Syke is a good singer and he did perform well. Let’s hope RCA Records make a good video for his upcoming songs.

Watch: “No Party” By Daniel Syke

Post Author: David Watt