Music Video Review: “All Night” By The Vamps

British pop band The Vamps released the music video for their lead single “All Night” from their upcoming third studio album today (November 3rd, 2016).

The track released in mid-October didn’t get as much fame as it supposed to be. It’s a good electro-pop number and really a radio-friendly song. The song peaked at number 42 on the UK singles chart in the first week of the release. But, it’s nowhere to be found in the UK singles Chart now.

The song was a bit lazy originality wise but it must have been a hit in the poppy UK market. Though, The Vamps seem real confident about it as they decided to launch the music video. Will it be changing anything?

Anyway, the music shows the band members riding their bikes at an industrial area. Later, they will show us their skills with a soccer ball, skating in the warehouse, throwing water balloons, and using color-smoke cans. That’s the whole summary of the video. There wasn’t anything interesting about it. Just random things any group of boys would do.

But, if you’re an “All Night” fan, must watch the video once to show your support.

Let’s hope they get some positive response from the fans and their song’s popularity goes higher.

Watch: “All Night” By The Vamps

Post Author: David Watt

1 thought on “Music Video Review: “All Night” By The Vamps

    Jessica patel

    (2016-11-06 - 5:59 pm)

    The video is not boring or lazy it’s unique. Maybe they wanted to show that they can be different instead of sticking to the same music videos others do. In my opinion they did such an amazing job and if the song wasn’t interesting then why is the song always on the radio. The vamps are incredible and there’s no need to be negative all through the review

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