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Music Video Review: “Poison” by Rita Ora

Rita Ora has globally premiered her new music video for “Poison”. This track is the latest single from British pop diva’s upcoming album. This album is going to be her second studio album, which is set to hit stores sometime at the end of 2015 via Roc Nation. The album was due to be released earlier but it has been delayed for reasons unknown.

“Poison” is a follow-up track for Rita Ora’s “I Will Never Let You Down”. Although this track seems like it was released trillion years back but still there is a follow-up track for that. Although there is nothing wrong with that, but maybe Rita Ora would have preferred a follow-up to a recently released song that’s fresh in memories.

“Poison” is a track about being obsessed with someone you love. The track highlights how obsession can turn itself into a poison and therefore damage a happy life. Although it isn’t a great song and there doesn’t seem any way for it to make it big on radio either, the music video will probably give it a chance to get some recognition. Many music critics reviewed the track negatively when it first came out and suggested Rita Ora to record new and fresh music that could be better than this. With tracks like this on the new album, there are hardly any chances that the British singer will enjoy any decent sales.

The music video for poison is about a love triangle. It is directed by Cameron Dutty and it was released on VEVO. You can watch the video below.

Watch “Poison” by Rita Ora


Post Author: David Watt