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Music: “Let You Love Me” by Rita Ora – It’s A Good Song & Could Prove To Be A Big Hit

Rita Ora has premiered a new track and it’s really good. However, it lacks the ‘wow’ factor that could have taken this song to the top of the charts. Would Rita be able to make it up with a powerful music video? I think she’s delivered a really good MV to back up the song. You can watch the video at the end of this post.

Rita Ora was great last year. Every song that she premiered had the ‘wow’ factor. She gave us the song “Your Song” and then she followed it up with her single “Anywhere”. Both the tracks were impressive. This year, she gave us “Girls” earlier that, despite the criticism over its theme and lyrics, proved to be a really good song. With this story of success, it’s obvious that bloggers are now expecting Rita to deliver songs that can straightaway compete with the chart toppers. Is that going to be the case? You’d be able to tell by the end of this year when Rita gives us her new album.

The track “Let You Love Me” has an urban pop feel and it the same time it feels like an R&B anthem. The production also throws some synth-pop while keeping a mid-tempo throughout the track. I don’t think this track will do good in the USA but it’s a surefire hit in the UK. Listen to “Let You Love Me” below.

Listen to Rita Ora’s “Let You Love Me” – Stream Now & Watch The Music Video

Post Author: David Watt