Music Video Review: “Good Times” by Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre has released a new music video titled “Good Times” on July 22. The only surprise about this world premiere of her new music video was that she released it through her ASOS France YouTube page instead of releasing it through VEVO. It looks as if ASOS paid her for the music video but there is no confirmed news anyway.

“Good Times” is a wonderful song with plenty of catchy drums and bass single thrown into it. This track will be features in Ella’s highly anticipated upcoming debut album “Feline”. The debut album is already being hyped for being something special and now with this music video out, we can probably have a better taste of her music. Although Ella is still to score a solo Top 10 UK hit, she has already gathered plenty of fans and is on her way to a huge album release. Also, it looks quite evident that her new single “Good Times” will hit the top charts as her previous best position was #12 with “Together” and “Comeback”. Let’s hope she manages a better chart position this time around. We know she’s got the talent to hit the top spot and she needs is a song that actually goes mega hit. With “Good Times”, it looks as if she finally has a chart busting track.

The music video for “Good Times” is nothing less than amazing. It will instantly make your feel good about everything around you. The video has so much positive energy that you are probably going to watch it over and over again.

Watch Music Video “Good Times” by Ella Eyre


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz