Music Video: “Fire (Under My Feat)” by Leona Lewis

“Fire (Under My Feet)” is the latest single from the British songbird Leona Lewis. The singer has had everyone waiting for long before dropping this single but the track was worth waiting. This is going to be the lead single from her upcoming fifth album titled “I Am”. The album will be released sometime this summer.

Leona Lewis premiered “Fire” on radio on May 11 via BBC radio. It wasn’t long after the audio premier on radio that a music video followed up on YouTube. In fact, it only took an hour for Leona to drop the music video.

If you like “Fire” and want to purchase it, you can’t as of now. The song will be available for purchase a month later as per UK music tradition. Nevertheless, this is only for fans in the UK as Leona’s label will be making the song available for purchase on iTunes for other countries soon.

The music video for “Fire (Under My Feet)” is cute and simple but there is nothing special about it as is about the track, which we all love for originality and regard it as Leona’s best single so far. The video hardly gets that kind of appreciation from critics and fans but still it does the job.

The British songbird has sent out a message to everyone that she isn’t yet ready to go into the darkness and give up her international star status. She is trying hard to showcase her talents and let the world know that she has got what it takes to be a true global star. “Fire (Under My Feet)” has the soul, unlike Leona’s previous music. It looks as if she has finally found her true music and we will hearing a lot of good music in the coming years from this talented singer.

Watch Music Video for “Fire (Under My Feet)” by Leona Lewis

Post Author: David Watt