Maroon 5: Single “What Lovers Do” – Listen To A Snippet

Maroon 5 has teamed up with SZA for their new single “What Lovers Do”.

The VMAs last night did trigger a lot of surprises. Some artists re-made music videos while others launched new music. Those who didn’t have anything ready for the big occasion, they announced exciting new projects to take advantage of the traffic surge.

Maroon 5 didn’t miss on the opportunity. They noticed the huge traffic surge and announced their new single. The single is titled “What Lovers Do: and it will hit the stores on August 30. This new song features SZA that indicates that Maroon 5 is looking to experiment with R&B in their next song. That sounds super exciting. I’m already desperate to hear to this upcoming song.

The track “What Lovers Do” is written by Starrah while Jason Evigan and Ben Billions produced the song. Although the band hasn’t released the song yet, you can still get an idea how it sounds. The band posted a short preview of the song on their official website. From what I’ve heard, it sounds FIRE – exactly what you expect from Maroon 5.

You can listen to the short snippet below. If it makes you want more, then be ready for the full version, which is expected to hit the internet soon.

Listen to “What Lovers Do” by Maroon 5 Featuring SZA – Short Snippet



Post Author: David Watt