Mariah Carey fails to hit high notes at The Elusive Chanteuse Show

Mariah Carey was performing at The Elusive Chanteuse Show in Tokyo where the 44-year old singer had vocal problems. She tried hitting the high notes and she failed at it miserably.

The “Me. I Am Mariah” singer had an impressive set list for the show including her own popular singles as well as cover of “Don’t Explain” but she wasn’t probably aware of her increasing vocal problems. Now we all know that Mariah Carey is famous for high notes and if she can’t hit them right, that means she can’t continue her legacy. She even forgot some of the lyrics during her performance. Nevertheless, some critics believe that it was probably the microphone that gave out as she had broken microphone stand in her performance “We Belong Together”.

Mariah Carey made her debut in 1990 when she recorded her self-titled album. She was nominated for many Grammies and ended up winning quite a few for her brilliant music in her first album. She continued on the path and made dozen of hit singles. During her illustrious career, the diva and singer hit the heights of popularity in the US and outside.

Watch Mariah Carey failing to hit high notes – Fan Video

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz