Listen to “Untouchable” by Eminem – Single Review + Full Audio

Eminem has released a powerful new song titled “Untouchable”. This new song will be included in Eminem’s upcoming ninth studio album. The album is titled “Revival” and the new song “Untouchable” will serve as a countdown single.

If you pre-order the new album, you will get this song as a free download. I recommend you get this song because it might be the only song that you can listen along with “Walk On Water”. These are the only two songs from this album that you will get to hear until the album comes out. If you are wondering when the album hits the store, it’s only a few days away. As of now, the official release date is set at December 15.

The upcoming album from Eminem has 19 tracks. Now that’s a lot of tracks for an album. Unfortunately, we expected Eminem to give us more songs so that we know more about the album before we decide to buy it. Nevertheless, that’s what we have got as of now.

The song “Untouchable” is about the police and their brutality. It discusses events that happened in the America and the repercussions they left off the society. It’s a good song and has a subject that we expected Eminem to talk about.

Listen to “Untouchable” by Eminem

Post Author: David Watt