Listen to Charlie XCX “5 In The Morning”

Charlie XCX has premiered a new single titled “5 In The Morning”. With this new song, Charlie XCX has also promised her fans that she will be giving them a lot of new music – that is new songs and new music videos. That’s an exciting news and it clearly suggests that we may get a new mixtape from the British diva in 2018. With her last album in 2014, it’s been long since she gave us a full studio album. However, with new mixtape coming, I’m sure she will keep us entertained with these mixtapes.

The new banger “5 In The Morning” is also Charlie’s first song of 2018. It’s highly relatable where Charlie talks about partying till 5 in the morning. She loves that and wants to keep it as her lifestyle for rest of her life. She doesn’t need food or anything else as long as she can party. In the song “5 In The Morning”, Charlie also talks about being stalked by a man who wasn’t worth checking out. She doesn’t pay attention to such encounters and continues partying because thats the most important thing to her.

It’s an urban banger that has all the ingredients of becoming a hit. Charlie also gave us art cover for the song, which sees her wearing see-through black top and white pants. She is looking extremely gorgeous. Listen to this track below.

Listen to “5 In The Morning” by Charlie XCX

Post Author: David Watt