Listen to “Girls” by Rita Ora featuring Bebe Rexha, Cardi B, and Charlie XCX – Studio Version

Rita Ora has finally premiered the full studio version of her much-awaited new single “Girls”. The track, which originally featured RAYE and MO, now features Cardi B and Bebe Rexha. Charlie XCX serves as the third collaborator on the studio version.

It has taken her an year to give us the studio version of this track that she famously debuted in a festival. The reason it took so long for Rita Ora to give us the studio version of this track is something you have already started associating with her now – her album got delayed yet AGAIN. For that reason, her label had to readjust schedule for her singles and all that. That’s the reason that kept us from enjoying the full version of this awesome track. Or maybe that was a good thing in a way because you now have Cardi B and Bebe Rexha, which may not have been the case if the studio version came out a few months ago. Who knows?

The track “Girls” sounds as we expected – FANTASTIC. I enjoyed the improvement and totally forgive the delay. It’s worth it although earlier collaborator MO and RAYE may have their reservations on being replaced. Anyway, the track has some memorable lyrics. BIG HIT seems like written all over it. Give it a try below and I’m sure you will add “Girls” to your playlist.

Listen to “Girls” by Rita Ora featuring Cardi B, Bebe Rexha, and Charlie XCX

Post Author: David Watt