Listen to “Already Won” by Kehlani + Song Review

Kehlani has immense talent. If you don’t believe my word for it, you gotta listen to her new song. It’s titled “Already Won” and it’s a true reflection the infinite talent of her talents. You can listen to this latest song after the review.

“Already Won” is a brilliant song. It’s got the perfect R&B rhythm along with some powerful autobiographical lyrics. In the song, Kehlani shares some of her personal thoughts when she tells the world that hasn’t got the biggest mansion in the world and her bank account isn’t filled with trillions of dollars and still, she has won.

It’s an autobiographical song. Kehlani hasn’t won a lot of awards and she hasn’t got a huge following on the social media but her songs are awesome. But that’s not all – she cares for her mother even though she hasn’t given her the life of the rich and the famous.

The lyrics are personal but very powerful. Kehlani has brilliant vocals and she does great in the second part of the song where she raps. The song has a cool vibe and that’s the reason a lot of bloggers are obsessed with it. You can listen to it below.

Listen to new song by Kehlani -“Already Won”

Post Author: David Watt