Music: “Future” by Justin Bieber ft. Kehlani

Chances are good that you are already jumping out of your seat believing that there is a new Justin Bieber song out there. However, that’s not the case. “Future” is not Bieber’s song but his friend Khalil has released this song as his. Surprisingly, Khalil doesn’t even appear in the song. He only makes tiny vocal contributions in the background from time to time and that’s it. There is nothing more from him. Technically, it should have been Bieber’s song but still it isn’t. The track is produced by Rex Kudo and Charlie Handsome. Considering that the song is neither produced not sung by Khalil, we are unable to comprehend why it’s not a Justin Bieber song.

Coming back to the track, there is more into it than the confusion over the ownership. The track features upcoming sensation Kehlani who has got a good voice. She plays her part unlike Khalil and has every reason to be tagged as a featured artist for this track.

“Feature” sounds good to ears with its signature 90s R&B feel. This mellow track is threaded on top of a powerful acoustic guitar melody. The vocals are also impressive from Justin as well as her friend Kehlani. Listen to the song below.

Watch to “Future” by Justin Bieber Ft. Kehlani

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz